Product Guide

At Ryōhō Freeze Systems starting with Proton freezing technology we offer products that meet the various needs of our customers in the food and food processing industry.

Proton Freezer

Minimizes dripping and prevents food cell destruction through Proton freezing

The “Useful Freezer” is a revolutionary hybrid freezer that combines an environment of evenly distributed electromagnetic waves and cold air.
It makes many small ice crystals at one time, preventing the forming of larger ice crystals. As a result cells are not destroyed and dripping is reduced.


Freezing Capacity

Nominal: 15kg/h


Freezing Capacity

Nominal: 30kg/h


Freezing Capacity

Nominal: 150kg/h

Go Straight Freezer

Freezing Capacity

Nominal: 500kg/h

Fusion Defreezer

By using low temperature vapor, dripping is limited and food can be returned to its previous quality.

Utilizes the condensed latent heat as the vapor turns into water. As the defrosting food goes from -20°C to close to 0°C the vapor it gives off turns into water droplets.
Then heat is applied at close to 539kcal/kg, this keeps the quality of the food from going down and improves operating costs.


Defrosting Capacity


Special Specification Defreezer

Defrosting Capacity(Batch)


Spiral Freezer & Cooler

The Spiral Freezer & Cooler can handle a lot of material, but is compact and doesn’t take up much space.

All of the bearings in the freezer are oil-less so there’s no need for maintenance.
In the spiral section all of the parts are stainless steel (SUS-304) so they won’t rust.
The floor is easy to clean, even to the edges and stays clean easily. Great for HACCP.