Company Outline

Business Principles

The Fundamental Principles of Ryōhō Freeze Systems [RFS]

Building an infrastructure to make great Japanese foods and ingredients available to the world, providing a rich variety to our customers through high level freezing technology (Proton freezing) and unit sales.
The Food Freezing Solutions Company

  • Our company is a group of engineers pursuing and analyzing the laws of nature.
  • As an engineering group, putting ourselves as close to the users as possible, grasping their needs accurately and without delay.
  • Each member of the company fully manifesting their individual skills and talents, gaining the trust of our users.


1998Established as Ryōhō Freeze Systems Ltd.
Mainly selling freezers. Sterilization/Cooling device sales and development.
2003Began developing and selling Proton freezers, which don’t produce large ice fragments
2004Restructured as Ryōhō Freeze Systems Co., Ltd.
2005Installed Proton freezer and Fusion de-freezer at our main store in Tōkyō
2006Proton freezer wins the New Business Conference Kansai’s “NBK Grand Prize: Nikkei Prize”
2007Proton freezer becomes a registered trademark
Certified as a “New Business” venture by the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry – METI
Proton freezer is displayed at the U.N. DEVNET Exhibition, Shanghai
Main store in Tōkyō is relocated and renamed as the Tōkyō branch
Test kitchen established
2008Recognized in the “Nara Prefecture Industrial Growth Fostering Challenge” project
2009Opened the “Proton Dining” restaurant using Proton-frozen foods
Received “Nara Business Grand Prize: First Place”
Received freezer patent No. 4424963
2010Received freezer patent No. 4535341
Certified as a “Nara Only One Enterprise

Company Overview

NameRyōhō Freeze Systems Co., Ltd.
English NameRyōhō Freeze Systems Co., Ltd.
CEOKazunari Ninomiya
Business ActivitiesIndustrial freezers, food factory equipment design, manufacture and sales
Location■Head Office
Fujimoto bldg. 1F, 6-3-10 Ōmiya-chō, Nara
TEL 0742-36-9056
FAX 0742-36-9066

■Tōkyō Store
5-12-4-104 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tōkyō
TEL 03-3451-9970
FAX 03-3451-9971
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Access Map

Main Office Access

For those coming by train

Kintetsu Nara Line: Come out of the exit of Ōmiya station and walk west about 350m (5 mins)

For those coming by car

Along national road 396 (Ōmiya Dōri) near the Nara City Office

Main Office Location

Fujimoto bldg. 1F, 6-3-10 Ōmiya-chō, Nara 〒630-8115
TEL 0742-36-9056 FAX 0742-36-9066